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The O2

The O2 arena has awarded Audiolink with a contract to supply and maintain a new digital radio system. It replaces their ageing analogue MPT trunked system. The new Mototrbo capacity plus system with an enhanced antenna solution provides site wide communication coverage. The system connects hundreds of Motorola digital portables operating in 29 talk groups. The system is monitored by key staff in the control room using fixed base stations with headsets and foot switches. Trbonet watch is used to monitor the system and record all voice traffic. The enhanced digital system is designed help improve operational efficiency, crowd control and health and safety so concerts and events run smoothly and safely.

System Capabilities

  • 9 repeaters

  • 18 talk channels

  • 29 talk groups

  • 300 portable radio

  • Earpieces and headsets

  • 10 control room desktop radios

  • Call Monitoring software package

  • Caller ID

  • Radio stun/kill/revive

  • Calls recorded for immediate playback

  • Recorded calls archived

  • Audiolink on call 24/7



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