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Major European Theme Park Deploys Mototrbo™ Capacity Plus

This resort is a very popular child-oriented theme park based in the UK. The resort decided to upgrade from its analogue network as it was becoming outdated, lacked functionality and coverage did not extend to the park’s hotels. Audiolink, a Motorola Solutions Platinum Partner,
installed a MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus system with TRBOnet PLUS.
The MOTOTRBO system is delivering reliable coverage in all parts of the resort, users find the audio quality to be exceptional and the handsets are robust and easy to use. The added functionality offered by the digital system and TRBOnet PLUS has improved operational efficiency, staff productivity and safety at the park.

Major European Theme Park Deploys Mototrbo™ Capacity Plus

The Challenge

The resort had previously been using a 5-channel analogue trunked radio system. However, it was looking to improve audio quality and extend radio coverage to its hotels. It also wanted to increase the capacity of its system, especially during busy periods. The previous radio handsets were becoming outdated and were requiring frequent repairs and maintenance; battery life was also becoming an issue on longer shifts.
The park turned to long-term partner Audiolink and, following demonstrations and trials whilst it was closed for the winter, it deployed a MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus system. Audiolink also helped to train users. The network was fully tested during a staff training day before the reopening of the park for the summer season.


The Solution

The resort has deployed four SLR 5500 Repeaters. These offer reliable coverage in all areas, including the hotels and parking. Staff are currently divided into 12 talk groups operating across the 8 channels. They mostly work in pairs and wear the DP4800e Portable Radios on their belts, so they can operate hands-free; users enjoy working with the keypad and screen, which has improved resolution for easier viewing in sunlight. Personnel who work alone are equipped with the DP4801e handsets with man down activated, for increased security, whilst managers carry SL4000e radios, as these are thin and light and easily fit into a suit jacket.

A site manager operates a DM4600e from the control room, where he or she can have an easy overview of the whole park and system via CCTV and monitors linked to the radio system; this allows quick dispatch of nearby staff in the case of any issues. The manager can also follow and monitor lone workers via GPS and man down or follow live conversation via the radio’s microphone and remote monitor. Personnel now wear body CAMs and all communications are recorded to be played back later, if required.

The MOTOTRBO equipment is all covered by the two year standard warranty. Audiolink supplies support and maintenance, should queries or faults arise.

The Results

The MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus system offers improved capacity and higher quality audio, and the robust, reliable hardware ensures the radio system is always working efficiently and optimally. User feedback has been excellent.

The added functionality, such as the ability to track a radio via GPS, lone worker and man down features, means the control room is notified immediately
when there is an issue. This improves response time to any incidents and increases health and safety for both staff and visitors. GPS is due to be rolled out to further handsets moving forward. Recording of communications and their playback with time stamps leads to easy post-event traceability to show
staff have responded appropriately. The park is also using these transmissions during staff training.


System Summary

  • Permanent MOTOTRBO radio network including four repeaters
  • Permanent fleet of own or continuous hire radios with accessories; extra radios, repeaters and accessories can be rented any time from Audiolink for events
  • On-site and remote support provided by Audiolink


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