Radio Batteries

Your radio is only as good as the battery that powers it.

And, even though batteries may all look the same, it’s what’s inside that makes the difference.

We have highlighted four main consideration points – run time, life cycle, amp-hour rating and volts – and, based on these, have selected a wide range of well-built, efficient, rechargeable batteries to fit and suit your radios:

Standard batteries:
Our standard batteries are made by our radio manufacturers. They are tried and tested, work for much longer periods than other 3rd party batteries and come with a warranty

Long-life IMPRES™ batteries:
The long-life IMPRES battery charging and reconditioning system streamlines and automates battery maintenance, so IMPRES batteries can be charged 150 more times than standard batteries. Our IMPRES radio batteries and chargers communicate to help lengthen battery life so you can be assured your radio battery is ready when you are

Lithium-ion batteries:
Our powerful, high capacity lithium-ion battery range comes with high IP ratings and options to run in battery saving mode if you have extra-long work shifts

ATEX / Hazloc / EX batteries:
Our fleet of intrinsically safe approved batteries is designed to keep your users safe when they are working in potentially explosive environments

mototrbo charger

However, our battery offering doesn’t stop there: we are aware that, when your radio battery fails and communication is lost, it impacts the performance and safety of your organisation – whether you’re saving lives, running a sports event, on a film set or operating an industrial facility. Yet maintaining a large fleet of batteries can be frustrating, time-consuming and costly. We have battery management solutions to help you manage hundreds, or thousands, of batteries, wherever they are. Our software automatically collects battery-critical data including capacity, charge and recondition history, put-in-service and recommended replacement dates.


Our batteries and battery solutions will keep you communicating continuously and working efficiently.

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