We have experience designing, deploying and monitoring the performance of radio communication systems in public and private hospitals. We work in close collaboration with a number of hospitals and trusts within the NHS.

In hospitals, reliable communication between and among departments is essential, in order to ensure the safety of patients, staff and operational efficiency. And yet hospital sites these days often consist of multiple buildings sprawling across several acres, combined with other challenges such as underground areas, mobile black spots or prohibition zones. It is, therefore, no wonder that an increasing number of hospitals are approaching us to install high-performance two-way radio systems to improve everyday efficiencies and security and to help manage emergencies and incidents.

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We provide a wide range of digital two-way radios together with the most appropriate applications and accessories for clear, secure and discreet communications. And, although the systems we are installing are primarily being utilised by porters and security and maintenance teams, there is no reason why our hospital-wide networks could not provide reliable communications for other staff groups too. We provide turnkey solutions, bespoke to our customers’ precise needs, as well as ongoing support and service to ensure our systems are always working optimally.


Please visit our Case Studies page for further information about our work within the healthcare sector.

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