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Introduction Two Way Radio

There are many options available to your business when it comes to choosing communications, so why would you choose two-way radio? Two-way radio hire, or purchasing solutions outright, both give the user unique press-to-talk advantages, making this technology a great choice for most mobile professionals who need a flexible, reliable, and affordable communication solution.

  • Instant voice and data communication at a press of a button
  • Perfect for group-oriented communications—one-to-one and one-to-many
  • Requires only a small initial investment and has no recurring monthly fees
  • Often pays for itself in less than 18 months
  • Offers customizable coverage and features
  • Works well for organizations that need dispatching capabilities
  • Is quick, reliable, and simple to use
  • Enhances the productivity and safety of workforces
  • Rugged design holds up well in even the most harsh environments
  • Works equally well with small or large groups of users
  • Digital technology further enhances the functionality of two way radio


The two-way radio industry in the UK is quickly migrating from analogue to digital technology. This change is primarily the result of the radio frequency spectrum becoming overcrowded and causing interference in communications. There is an increasing need for more radio users to share the available spectrum, which is where the need for digital emerges. Digital radio users can hear what is being said more clearly over greater distances since digital voice retains better audio quality than analogue as signal strength decreases.

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