Alarm Management

Our Alarm Management and Control Systems ensure alerts are immediately and automatically delivered to everyone who needs to be informed, in case of an emergency or incident.

Alarm management is a very powerful feature of our radio solutions, especially if you have lone staff working remotely or staff working in hazardous areas, where accidents are possible. In this case we would recommend one of our Alarm Management solutions, to ensure you can react to incidents as swiftly and as effectively as possible. We supply a large range of systems, which can deliver alerts from most sources (for example, radios equipped with suitably configured option boards, external control panels and geofencing). Depending on the configurations you have selected, critical alarms are then immediately and automatically triggered and delivered to your dispatch system, the specified radios, dispatchers, email accounts and phones. The dispatcher is not personally involved in alarm handling, which prevents the risk of human error.

alarm management

Benefits of Audiolink’s Alarm Management solutions include:

  • Alarm handling and notification is automatic, efficient and reliable, with no room for delays or human error
  • Faster incident response times
  • Greater safety and security for personnel


Please visit our Case Studies page for more information about how our Alarm Management Systems are helping customers reduce incident response time.

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