PTT Over Cellular (POC)

We provide Push-To-Talk (PTT) over cellular products, applications and support, which will enhance and improve the way your teams connect.

PTT over cellular works similarly to two-way radio except, as the name suggests, the standard mobile phone network is used. This enables your workforce to use their two-way radio anywhere, as long as there is cellular coverage. Most of our clients use our PTT solutions for remote workers who need to stay in regular contact with the control room. Moreover, as the majority of our PTT radios are also Android, depending on your talk plan, your remote workers can also make phone calls and run apps, while in the field.

At Audiolink we don’t just provide you with the product and applications – we also provide training, support and service. In this way we get your PTT solutions up and running quickly and ensure they keep working optimally. Whether you need local, nationwide or international coverage, we have your business covered.

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Benefits of deploying PTT over cellular include

  • Immediate communication over an unlimited range
  • No associated infrastructure costs, while retaining the advantages and functionality of a radio communications network such as one-to-many group calling
  • Quick to install, simple to use


To read about how we have helped some clients connect their mobile workforce with our PTT over cellular solutions, please visit our Case Studies page.

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