Telephone Interconnect

With our Telephone Interconnect solutions, your office-based staff can connect directly and seamlessly from their mobiles or landlines with the radios of your field personnel.

Radio communication networks are used in most industries these days; however, it is not always cost-effective to equip your office-based teams with mobile radios, especially when they usually already have a mobile phone and a landline to hand. Audiolink’s Telephone Interconnect solutions allow you to link your telephone networks to your radio network over tens or hundreds of kilometres. In this way your office staff can directly contact your field worker, or groups of field workers, on their radios. We have set up Telephone Interconnect solutions for numerous clients; all are finding that the instant, reliable communication between office and field staff significantly increases productivity and efficiency of their teams, while reducing costs.

telephone interconnect
telephone interconnect

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Advantages of Telephone Interconnect:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Users retain digital radio network benefits such as call recording, phonebook, group calling and reporting
  • Increased staff productivity and efficiency
  • Fully scalable solution, which can be configured to meet the needs of your business


Please visit our Case Studies page to read about how our customers have been benefiting from our Telephone Interconnect deployments.

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