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Lone Worker & Man Down


Many staff in all types of business environments work alone or in potentially dangerous environments. The Lone worker/man down feature in many two-way radios offer added security and safety for individuals who work remotely from their team.

Companies have a duty of care for their staff and these features are essential for health and safety. These features are often used in petro chemical plants, warehouses and companies that manufacture pharmaceuticals.

An alarm is sent through the radio system by radio that has entered the emergency procedure. The alarm can be sent as voice, text or a tone. Added equipment can filter the alarm and send it to mobile phones and or e-mails.

A radio alarm can be activated when:

  • The radio user does not respond to the lone worker alert
  • Non-movement
  • The emergency button is pressed
  • There is no response
  • Inactivity

Man-Down Feature

If the radio is fitted with the Man-down option the radio alarm will be activated if it is tilted at a certain angle. This may occur if the radio user has fallen or is injured.
The radio user is alerted before the emeregency alarm is sent.

Lone Worker Feature

The Lone worker feature is normally activated using a side button or changing channel to the dedicated lone worker channel.
At predetermined intervals the radio will alert the user. If the user does not respond and reset the timer by pressing a button on the radio, the radio will go into the emeregency procedure.
The Lone Worker radio will send the radio ID to another radio, group of radios or a controller.

Emergency Button Feature

Most radios have an emergency button on top of the unit for easy access. This button can programmed to raise an alarm to the other radio users. The radio ID of the activated radio can be displayed on other radios with a screen.


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