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Audiolink supplies radio system for filming of this year’s big screen epic

Warner Bros. used an Audiolink radio system whilst filming the action movie Dunkirk on location in France, the Netherlands and the UK last summer. Dunkirk, featuring Harry Styles and directed by Christopher Nolan, is due to be released in the UK on 21st July.



The Challenge

Audiolink has a long, successful working relationship with the major American film studio Warner Bros., dating back to before the Harry Potter series, which first hit the cinema screens back in 2001. For Dunkirk, Warner Bros. needed a reliable radio network to keep its production teams in clear contact whilst filming complex battle scenes across large expanses of beach and sea. It also ideally needed one set of radios that could be licensed across the three different countries.


The Solution

Audiolink deployed a two-way radio system from Motorola Solutions, comprising circa 350 GP340 VHF Portable Radios, a DM 3600 Mobile Two-Way Radio set up as a dispatch unit in the Assistant Director’s trailer and a wide range of accessories, including waterproof cases, covert kits, D-shaped earpieces and covert acoustic tube earpieces.  Due to the wide radio coverage needed, Audiolink also installed a MOTOTRBO™ DR 3000 Repeater to extend range to 4–5 square miles along the beaches and across the open sea on location at Dunkirk and Urk (the Netherlands), where action shots were being filmed. Audiolink went on-site at Dunkirk to ensure the repeater was correctly installed and the full system working optimally; due to ease of installation, Warner Bros. was able to set up the repeater in Urk without further external assistance. There was no need to install a repeater on location at Weymouth, as filming was confined to a smaller area; however, Audiolink did also supply a large number of iPhone 6s to the American team whilst they were on location in the UK.

Audiolink also spoke to the various authorities in France, the Netherlands and the UK to get the radio frequencies cleared for use in each country, so Warner Bros. could keep the same radios for the duration of filming. Audiolink provided technical support and spare radios and accessories to Warner Bros., in case of damages or loss overboard during sea scenes.

The Results

  • Warner Bros. had reliable, robust communications across a wide area during filming of action sequences for Dunkirk on location in France, the Netherlands and the UK
  • As part of its service, Audiolink arranged in advance for the radios to be licensed in the three countries, so Warner Bros. did not encounter any frequency issues
  • The Motorola Solutions radio system is very easy to install and to use
  • Audiolink provided both on-site and remote support to ensure the network was working optimally

Audiolink went above and beyond the call of duty on Dunkirk to support our shoot across France, Holland and the UK. The level of support was truly first class and whenever there was a problem – wherever in the world we were – there was an immediate and thorough response. Andrew, one of the directors at Audiolink, personally came out to the beaches of Dunkirk to assess our set-up and support the smooth running of the film.”

Production Supervisor, Warner Bros.


System Summary

  • 350 two-way radios licensed in France, the Netherlands and the UK
  • 1 mobile radio for Assistant Director coordination
  • 1 repeater in France and the Netherlands
  • Full range of accessories including waterproof cases, D-style earpieces, covert kits and covert acoustic tube earpieces
  • On-site and remote service support provided by Audiolink


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